Derelict Scrap Shunt

by acritarch

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James Dark and gritty industrial metal with a good production value. Definitely a must for fans of Red Harvest or Aborym.

Brooke Johnson is a master at this music, with his previous experience in The Axis of Perdition & Minethorn (Acritarch could be regarded as Minethorn 2.0?)
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Thanks to – The Juxonites for putting up with the noise. Ludicii Monstrum, Richie H-R, Dan Mullins, Marie-Claire Koschowitz and Saulius for beta testing. Roger Close and Per Boder for helping name Anthropocene Null. The ES, DTPals and MCR for much needed distractions, JP, PP and the group for useful discussions.


released April 22, 2017

All music and lyrics written, recorded, mixed, mastered and illustrated by Brooke Johnson February /April 2017.



all rights reserved


acritarch Oxford, UK

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Track Name: SCRAM!
Dismantle everything you know
Peel back the layers of unused flesh
The Big Disaster's on its way
Only the modified will survive


What use is Earth now anyway?
Biological existence so passé
Information space is where it’s at
Inject our minds into the new habitat

This is the new
Order of existence
Track Name: Anthropocene Null
Darkness above me
Darkness inside me
What am I if not darkness incarnate?
The consuming fear
The ultimate hate

I am become death
The destroyer of worlds
I was born to eradicate
Annihilate and nullify all life

I am the gate
I am the key
I am the mechanism
Of complete oblivion

I was born to murder the world
I was born to lay waste all existence

Darkness below me
Darkness outside me
What am I?
I am humanity
Track Name: New Humanity
Our 21st century collective depression
Has evolved a new strategy
For coping with the decline of everything

The new humanity has arrived
The desolate Earth shakes with anticipation
All compassion has been removed
Replaced by logic transgression is relentless

Superior being doing nothing
Consuming everything
No guilt or conscience
Perfectly adapted to the urban environment

Dismiss your fear
Surrender to the future
A nuclear bright tomorrow
Awaits us all
Track Name: Red Dawn
Red in the sky
The ground is scorched of life
The air stings the eyes and burns the skin
Click click of the rad counter
Echoes aloud
A constant delineation to respiration

There is no life in this ruined place
Only pain differentiates the endless days
Tick tick of the broken clock
Winding down
Slicing life away one second at a time

Red in the sky
Contrast the towers of ash
The only sign of civilisation
Bang bang go the distant guns
Of the unseen enemy
The grinding end is hammering closer

There can be no respite
War is life
There can be no surrender
Victory or die

Red dawn
Life is war
Track Name: CosmoNaught
The never ending darkness
Devours everything in its path
Reach down inside
Pull out the horror from within

The lights go out one by one
Until the black surrounds me
I feel cold on my face
The darkness wants to drown me
Dead dreams fall to the ground
Like brittle withered insects
Coherent scuttles away
Into the crack inside my brain

It’s hot and clammy in the heart of the night
The darkness feels like plastic
I press my face into my hands
So I can’t see it coming
The darkness lived behind my eyes
I was here in side me
It was born out of my mouth
And now it wants to find me

I am the never ending darkness
I am all that makes us human
Track Name: Superlifter
I am outside, the universe
Everything you have ever understood
Means nothing to me
Your whole physical reality
Is just a speck of dust
To my all seeing eye

Take me away
Leave the behind

I have become
The ultimate intelligence
Sublimation through technology
Evolution bypassed
I watch the material world
Flicker like a TV screen
The life of the human race
Fades into the static

No way back
Track Name: Never Ending Darkness
I am the CosmoNaught
I voyage into oblivion
A dead universe of rusted mechanisms
I navigate through nebulae of rust
A corpse traveller sealed in a tomb suit
Mechaneyes devour all data
Decomposing threads of reality
Form banners to my funeral procession

In the end
Everything will dismantle
In the end
Everything will decay
In the end
Everything will dismantle
In the end
All life returns to nothing

I am the CosmoNaught
I beheld the edges of infinity
Funeralopolis towering monstrosity
Exit wound in the body of existence
This vessel forges onwards
Sinking further into the cold dark
One by one the stars extinguish
Now I’m alone in the fathomless void

I am the CosmoNaught
I fled to escape my humanity
Now I witness the shutdown of existence
All alone in the limitless end
Track Name: Sun Beneath
Sun beneath me, in a bleeding sky
Feels like I haven't slept, in a million years
Outside the world is cold, dark and depraved
In here I'm safe, where no one knows my name

Sun beneath me, in a static sky
Apocalyptic paranoia, seeping through the blinds
The TV eye illuminates my disillusion
Heard scratching at the door, won't go outside today

Eyes are everywhere
Nowhere to hide
They are everywhere
Watching in the sky

Sun beneath me, lost among the smog
My eyes are red, like the rust that coats the walls
Information in the sky, data raining down
If they know where I am can't go outside again
Track Name: Derelict Scrap Shunt
We breathe fumes and wither
We shed corroded skin

Everything falls apart in the end
Nothing is built to last
Why try to salvage
What won’t be fixed?

Derelict scrap shunt
Flesh is for the obsolete
Derelict scrap shunt
Embrace the age of information

Upgrade every aspect of life
As soon as you get bored
Don’t wait realities growing stale
This existence is so last season

Don’t look back
Cast off your waste
Grab the new tomorrow
Entropy is the new black
Apathy this season’s must have